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Ebain is a centaur-like demoness and the main antagonist in the second chapter of the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


Ebain's lower half resembled that of a blue skinned horse, her upper torso had no arms. Covering her breasts was a tuft of green fur. She had large bull-like horns and flowing green hair upon her head.


Ebain has a vast array of powers, including a human form she could turn to at will, strong legs and could use her horns to ram into opponents.

She could teleport through mirrors and could summon her collection of stolen limbs to attack opponents.


Ebain was a cruel demoness with a love of her "pretty" arm collection. She had no care for humanity and saw Devilman as a traitor.


We first see Ebain gathering arms for her collection, mutilating a champion boxer, a gunman named Taki and a race car driver, the final event being seen by Akira Fudo.

Afterwards her master Zennon summoned her and gave her the assignment of killing Devilman. Before departing, Zennon gifted Ebain a key to a hellish dimension called the World of Mirrors.

Ebain goes to the Makimura home and kidnaps Akira from his room, she toys with Akira, knocking him into a stream before going in for the kill. Akira transforms into Devilman, and turns the tide of the fight, snapping off Ebain's right horn before pushing it through her chest, killing her and shattering the world of mirrors, freeing Akira in the process.