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Eizar was a minor character only seen early on in the Devilman manga.


Eizar had a pointed face with spikes on the side and three on the centre with dark markings in between, he had a long pointed nose, lengthy thin eyelashes, and had a large set of teeth.


Eizar is briefly seen in a large group of demons as Ryo Asuka explains the origins of the demon race to his best friend Akira Fudo after the latter had donned the Demon Mask.

Eizar could be seen standing among a crowd that included Naza, Xeed, Sirene, Somerci, Monan, Lamicabuja, Tolios, Tillag, Olsat, Bllan, Ijam, Worat, Kagol, the Unnamed Lumpy Demon and the Unnamed Female Demon.