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Eldickoe was a minor crocodile-like demon from the original Devilman manga, that appeared briefly in combat towards the beginning.


Eldicoke resembled a large crocodile who walked on his hind legs. He had muscular arms and long talon-like nails. Beneath the large crocodile maw was a crooked nose and glaring eyes. A long forked tongue lay out of his large square snouted head.


Eldicoke is shown to have strong jaws capable of tearing into flesh. His long claws seem likely to be able to cause a nasty bit of damage also.


After donning the mysterious Demon Mask at the request of his friend Ryo Asuka, Akira Fudo is suddenly bombarded by a strange series of visions of the demons in their natural habitat. Eldicoke was seen in the process of hunting as he lunged over the moth-like demoness Dalka, and lunged into her to take a large chunk of flesh from her body with his mighty jaws.