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Elephas (エレファス Erefasu?)[1] is a demon appeared in the 1990 art book The Devilman, as well as in the Demon Encyclopedia from the same year. He's never been seen in any official story material.


Elephas was a bipedal, elephant-like demon with a large body. He had loose, heavily wrinkled skin and stubby arms and legs. On his shoulders he had an ordinary-looking elephant's head, and on the front of his torso, a menacing human-like face reminiscent of a crooked old man.


  • Elephas is one of four demons who appeared in The Devilman and were, at the time, unused; the other three were Balass, Lagudra, and Mearmo. Lagudra is the only one of the four who has since been used, as she appeared in the manga Devilman Lady.