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Entrecon was a small demon seen in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'. He is a member of Magistrum's court of demons.


Entrecon had a long scaled body, with a soft underbelly. He had humanoid arms and large eyes with several spikes atop his head.


Entrecon knew his human movies.


Entrecon was among the demons who tried Jeanne D'Arc, after the had plucked her out of her own timeline and brought her to their own freakish dimension, the Hellgate, and put her on trial for daring to try and bring an end to the 100 Year War.

Entrecon spent much of the time observing the trial. When Magistrum, their leader, begins to ramble on about the films of Orson Wells to Jeanne as some vauge point of comparison, he is corrected by Entrecon who says that people of her era would not know what films were. With the later arrival of Akira Fudo, it is unknown if he fled during the carnage or was slaughtered alongside many of the other demons.