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The Fake Devilman was a demon that was used by Zennon to test Jewel.


Identical to the original Devilman, he was a tall humanoid demon with pale green skin. He had a blue bat-like crest motif on his head with red markings around his eyes and small sharp fangs in his mouth. Aside his shoulders were lines that would sprout his axe head shaped wings.


The Fake Devilman had all the same powers as his original counterpart, yet didn't have the same level of skill rendering them effectively useless.


The Fake Devilman was summoned by Lord Zennon to test the fastidious demon Jewel. Granted the appearance and abilities of the original Devilman, the fake was sent out into the woods to fight Jewel.

Jewel hunted the fake down, with the two coming face to face in a clearing. The two then battle but the Fake proves to inexperienced with his new powers allowing for Jewel to cut open the fake, killing him.