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Felazoth was a minor demon that served a very minor role in the original 'Devilman' manga. He never makes a physical appearance in the story, though his Devilman counterpart has a short look in.


Felazoth was a hulking demon covered in a thick blue fur. It had a bull-like face, with two short horns and small circled eyes. He had two large pincers on his hands.


Felazoth was capable of tearing into his prey with sharp claws and attacking with his horns.


Presumably, the demon Felazoth was one of the many demons sent on a suicide run of mass forced merging with incompatible humans, engineered as a scare tactic to cause hysteria among humanity.

However, unlike so many of his counterparts, Felazoth instead seemed to unintentionally merge with his intended victim, who in turn became a Devilman.


  • Felazoth was never named in the original manga, instead his name comes from other materials such as the source book 'The Demon Bible'.