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Fewture Models is a Japanese toy company that was founded in May 1982, since then it has released mostly licensed figures from many various franchises such as Ultraman, Dr. Slump, Alien and Predator, as well as several Dynamic Pro brands such as Devilman, Getter Robo and Mazinger Z. They have also released a side series of steampunk style figures called Mazinger 1901.


The Devilman line ran for three series, with a majority of figures having several recolour variants.

The fourth season was sadly cancelled, the planned wave included Texsch, Puffurle, Bondage Sirene, Industrial Kaim and Nirasawa Devilman.

In the art book Devilman: The List, character design for the series Yasushi Nirasawa designed a series of custom figures which he stated were all planned for future instalments but never made, these included; Winged Devilman Lady, Flowber, Maligera, Resurrection Sirene (seemingly based on the black feathered version from the end of Devilman Lady), Eader, Odom, Aleda, Loscead, Illuge and Vishvalic.

The Figures[]