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Flowber was a minor demoness from the original 'Devilman' manga. Never making a proper physical appearance and only being seen as the transformation of her devilman host.


Flowber had several butterfly-like features including large compound eyes, antenna, a large fur crest on her head and striped legs. She also had two sets of large insect wings. Her body was near human and delicate in appearance.


Flowber's only known ability was being able to fly thorugh the air using her wings.


Presumably, the butterfly demoness Flowber was one of the many demons sent on a suicide run of mass forced merging with incompatible humans, engineered as a scare tactic to cause hysteria among humanity.

However, unlike so many of her counterparts, Flowber instead seemed to unintentionally merge with her intended victim, who in turn became a devilman.

Trivia []

  • Flowber was never named in the original manga, instead her name comes from other materials such as the source book 'The Demon Bible'.