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Fraless (フラレス Furaresu?) was a minor demoness from the manga 'Devilman'. Her brief appearance dictates the origins of the merging process in demon-kind.

Appearance []

Fraless's final form was a mix between a beautiful woman, a snake, and a vine tree; primarily she had a humanoid appearance with dark markings across her body. She had a snake head above her humanoid head and long twisting vines across her body.


Fraless could use her vines to ensnare prey and use the snake mouth to some ability, possibly gaining whatever venom the snake originally had.


At the request of his best friend Ryo Asuka, the young teen Akira Fudo donned the mysterious Demon Mask only to be bombarded by horrific visions of the demon race in the Cretaceous era.

Among the many demons Fudo saw was Fraless, whose purpose was to explain the way that the demons were able to merge with anything, whether it were living or not. She is first seen standing seemingly human with a large snake, before fusing with it. Shortly after she merges with a tree and has several vines added to her body, which branch out an elongate.

Shortly after, Fraless could been seen as a silhouette frozen in the Himalayan ice as Ryo Asuka explained the origins of demons to Akira.


  • Fraless was among the first demons to feature a sexually subversive design in the series, beaten out just by Naza, and debatably Sirene, just a few pages prior.