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Fraless (フレイレス Fureiresu?) was a minor demoness from Devilman Crybaby, as she appeared only in flashback, her purpose being to explain the nature of demonic fusion.


Fralessss resembled a thin blue skined woman, with long white hair, with sharp claws and red eyes. later when She fused with a large serpent, the snake taking a majority of her head above her now jagged jaw, with a small mane of white hair around the base. Her body became covered in the snake's markings and a large tuft of white hair came up around her crotch. In her final form, after fusing with a tree, she became a mass abomination of tentacles, with them replacing her limbs and sprouting out of random areas of her body.

Powers and Abilities[]

Fraless's tentacles could be proven difficult to deal with, and her snake head would likely be some kind of combat advantage.


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