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Funaki was a minor demon from the story Damned in Neo Devilman.

Appearance and Abilities[]

Funaki was extremely thin and malnourished, he had tendrils covering his back and a long tail. He wore the skin of a human he had taken over named Takeshi before revealing himself.


Shortly after Akira Fudo had gained the powers of the legendary demon Amon, he is seen menacing a girl in a small alleyway. Apparently he had taken over a boy named Takeshi and waited till it was night to strike.

He starts to move in on the girl who starts to pray to gods of various religions for safety. Before Funaki strikes however a gigantic dragon appears in the sky announcing itself as Damudo who like Amon was a demon hero. He stands shocked before moving back to the girl. However this time the ground shakes and another demon emerges from the ground who also announces itself as Damudo. This confuses Funaki and he talks to the Byakko Damudo as it asks for the whereabouts of Amon. However Funaki informs him that he was dead and that a human named Akira Fudo had taken over his body.