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Ganda is one of the Three Eye Brothers, despite being female. She is a supporting antagonist in the tenth episode of the Devilman anime.


Ganda resembled a bipedal dinosaur, her upper body was dark red and curled into a point. She had a large set of teeth in her mouth above her yellow eyes. Her lower body was split by a petal-like abdomen, colored all light pink and she had a long tail with a hand on the end. Her human form had only a single eye and brown hair, she also wore a floral dress.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ganda's main powers was the ability to absorb all physical attacks. She could also fly. Like many demons she can change into a human form but not a perfect form, with it able to a tail in this form.


Like her brother's, Ganda was a proud warrior and was eager to complete her work.


Ganda was first seen in her human form where she wandered a park with her brother Gande, terrifying any humans she came across including Alphonse's family. 

Later after Gandi had done his research on Devilman, Ganda attacks him in his classroom first as her human form which causes Alfonso to faint upon sight. She transforms and the two fly outside and battle, at first Devilman finds his attacks failing to work so he uses his Devil Arrow to defeat her. She takes full blast and splits from her body leaving only a burning husk.

Later on at the Monster Exhibition art gallery, Ganda attacks with her two brothers. With the research they had learned on Devilman's various powers they block out a majority of his attacks. However he uses his Devil Light to blind the three of them and as they fall, Devilman cuts Ganda in half with his wings killing her.