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Gande is the leader of The Three Eye Brothers and the main antagonist of the tenth episode of the Devilman anime series.


Gande was a purple skinned humanoid demon, he was well muscled and had a large eye on a long tentacle with two other tentacles attached the side of the head, he had a large grinning mouth and red wings. He had a long tail and clawed toes and fingers. When his siblings are using his body their eyes appear on the ends of his head tentacles.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gande was able to change from a large to miniature size, he was able to fly and could use his tentacles as whips. His siblings could also inhabit his body.


Like his siblings Gande was a proud warrior and was eager to go into battle.


Gande was hired by Zennon to kill Devilman, however when summoned none of his demons were able to find him, Zennon realizes that Gande had already gone to fight greatly impressing the demon Lord.

Later he delivered a package to the Makimura household with the demon Gandi inside, he then meets with his sister Ganda who proceeds to terrorize the park.

Later after Ganda and Gandi had both learned of Devilman's most powerful attacks they use together and wait for him atthe Monster Exhibition, an art gallery for children's monster drawings. Gande hides himself in a picture and reveals himself when Tare notices the demon, many of the people crowd into the elevator causing it to fall, Devilman grabs the cords and slowly lowers it while Gande whips him, however Devilman saves them and turns to face his foe. Gande attacks and is able to avoid many of his attacks thanks to his siblings previous battles. Gandi and Ganda split and grab his limbs and hold him in place where they take turns to hurt him, however he uses his Devil Light to blind them, he then cuts Gande causeing him to scream in pain before he reforms and explodes.

Several hours later Tare, Miki and Devilman walk to town however Tare begins to flip out when he see's Gande's beady red eye staring down at him. Miki and Akira look up, only to find that the eye is merely part of a sign for an optician shop.


  • Gande is the only one-shot demon not to die at the end of the episode, the only other demon who possibly lives is Faim who's death is never confirmed.