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Gandi was one of the Three Eye Brothers, he is a supporting antagonist in episode 10 of the Devilman anime.


Gandi resembled a pink one eyed lizard, he had a constantly cheerful face and a large singular eye, he had short claws and petals around his face and wrists.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gandi was able to fire the petal's from his body at high speeds and also use them similar to chainsaw's. He could fly and regenerate limbs, he was also able to fuse with his older brother Gande.


Gandi was a proud demon warrior and was constantly ecstatic, he was also eager to do his work.


Gandi was delivered in a package to the Makimura residence where he constantly taunted Kensaku Makimura until it was dinner time and he fully revealed himself to Devilman. Devilman tells Miki and her brother to leave where he does battle with Gandi, Gandi unleashes his razor petals and try to cut him, but he transforms and uses his Devil Beam hitting Gandi full force, but not before he departs his body leaving only a husk.

Later at the Monster Exhibition a child's art gallery for monster pictures, Gandi and his sister Ganda fuses with Gande and again attack Devilman, they are able to assist him and block out many of his powers due to their research on him. He and his sister both split apart from the elder brother and attack Devilman nullifying most of his powers, but he instead uses the Devil Light blinding him and causing him to fall, Devilman then cuts him in half with his wing, killing Gandi.