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Genbu was one of the four demons that were forced into sealing the mighty hero Damudo into a thousand year imprisonment.


Genbu's initial appearance resembled a cross between a turtle and two snakes. When he reawakens he uses the skull of the Monk who originally overpowered him, sprouting legs from the bottom, pushing out the teeth as arms and his two snake like heads coming out the eye holes. Eventually he gains a form more similar to his original one but has multiple bodies stacked on the back of his shell.


Genbu is a sadistic demon clearly based on Jinmen, however Genbu seemed to be more cruel than Jinmen as the people on his shell would slowly rot away and still be kept alive, something Genbu reveled in. he also longed to try the flesh of a Devilman.

Powers and Abilities[]

While never shown on-screen, Genbu being an expy of Jinmen, shares the ability to assimilate living bodies. He would devour people alive and their faces and bodies would become entrapped in his shell, however unlike Jinmen the people on his shell would slowly decompose but still be kept alive.



Genbu was one of the four demons that were forced into fusing with a Monk to seal the mighty demon Hero Damudo. After the sealing Damudo was sent into a sleep for over a thousand years until he is reawakened by Psycho Jenny. Damudo is convinced into fusing with the four demons who were originally forced into imprisoning him and he splits up into four bodies, with Genbu taking the Monk's head.

Later after Genbu had vastly built himself up with a large collection of people on his shell and growing in size, he cleans out a small convenience store of its people. He decides to go after a Devilman with a want to try its flesh afterwards.