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George Armstrong Custer was the real world captain of the 7th Calvary and is infamous for the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 in which his entire regiment was wiped out. He acts as the final villain in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Custer was a tall Caucasian American man, he had groomed blonde hair and a styled moustache.


Custer was a Christian man who saw the Native Americans as less than people, and took great joy in attempting to murder them all.


Custer led the Calvary to attack the Cheyenne Tribe, where they brutally murder everyone present at the camp. Shortly afterwards they ride to Little Bighorn to do battle against a large number of Native's including the remnants of the Cheyenne.

Unexpectedly however they are halted in their tracks by Akira Fudo who after finding a girl he had made friends with, Tiana, at the camp raped and murdered, flew into a rage and slaughters the entire Calvary, Custer included. The next morning the combined Native forces of the Cheyenne and Sioux arrive only to find the 7th Calvary dead in its entirety