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Be a good boy, go to Hell
— Geruge to Devilman


Geruge was a powerful demon who served as the main antagonist of the third episode of the Devilman anime.


Geruge was a massive demon with a long spindly body and limbs. He had blue skin with a green underbelly, a pair of purple wings and a long tail with a slugs head on the end. He had pink indents in his ears and a constantly grinning smile.

Powers and Abilities[]

Geruge had several powers, with his massive wings he was able to fly at fast speeds, he could also create powerful tornados when in the air too. He could emit sulphuric acid from his tail and could transform his entire body into a wrecking ball. He was also able to reassemble his body even when it was completely torn to shreds.


Geruge was a deceitful demon who often lied to his advantage.


Geruge is sent by Zennon to kill Devilman after he had killed Henka and Sirene, Geruge begins to cause much widespread destruction destroying planes and subway trains just for the fun of it.

Geruge contacts Devilman  and says he was going to kill Miki at some point in the night, he eventually comes down and Devilman transforms to fight. However he is put at a disadvantage after a wound he previously got was contaminated with Geruge's acid. Nevertheless they continue to fight in the city, however Geruge gets more and more acid in his wound and eventually he was unable to fight properly so Devilman flies away to the ocean. Thinking Devilman was trying to flee Geruge follows but Devilman tricks him and pulls him down into the salt water, Devilman knowing Geruge's original form was a slug allows the water to dissolve the demon into slime.

A little later on Geruge briefly returns in a flashback to when Devilman still served as Zennon's bodyguard. He is in a crowd with Geruge and Zannin watching their leader encase the demon traitor Lita in ice.


  • Geruge is extremely similar in appearance to Ghelmer from the manga. Because the manga and anime were created more-or-less simultaneously, it's not certain if Ghelmer was the basis for Geruge or vice versa. However the latter seems more likely.
  • Geruge (or possibly an early iteration of Ghelmer) appears one one of the chapter covers during the original Devilman.
  • Geruge makes a cameo in the manga Mazinger Angels working under Zannin.
  • Geruge cameos in the manga Animal Kedaman, frozen in ice alongside several other demons from the TV series.