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Getter-1, in 'Devilman vs Getter Robo'

The Getter Robo was a highly weaponised multi-form mecha created by the mysterious Dr. Saotome, who powered the machine with an alien energy source known as Getter Rays.


The Getter Robo was initially built by Saotome to defend the Earth against the invading Dinosaur Empire, who desired to reclaim the planet for themselves and use humanity as slave labour. Saotome drafted three pilots; karate master Ryoma Nagare to pilot the all terrain Getter-1, the revolutionary Hayato Jin to pilot the aerial Getter-2 and the heavyset underdog Musashi Tomoe to pilot the aquatic Getter-3.

During an event in which the Dinosaur Empire joined forces with a small army of demons led by the wicked Sirene, the Getter Robo and its pilots briefly found themselves merging with the Devilman Akira Fudo to create the 'Devil Getter'. With the newfound strength and upgrades, the Devil Getter easily destroyed Sirene's forces.