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Ghelmer (ゲルマー Gerumā) was an aquatic demon who could manipulate water. As a follower of Sirene, he tried to kill Akira Fudo while using the body of Miki Makimura as bait.


Ghelmer was a quadrupedal demon who resembled a dragon with a skeletal frame. Bony vertebrae-like protrusions jutted outward from his spine, forming a row of spikes down his back. He possessed clawed hands, ears shaped like bat wings, and a tail which was once a fellow demon with a slug-like appearance. He had an all black color scheme which was juxtaposed by the white pupils of his dark eyes. Upon being expelled from Devilman's body, Akira took note that Ghelmer had been rendered rather "scrawny" in appearance due to the water in his body being evaporated by Devilman's flames.


Ghelmer was a formidable demon who could manipulate water to his will. Notably, he could reform himself into a shapeless mass of water and move through extremely tight spaces such as beneath a closed door.

He has also shown to be able to expand any body of water he came into contact with, including himself in his liquid state, notably being able to flood an entire room with bathtub water and nearly drown Miki.

Ghelmer could possess anyone who "drank" him in his liquified state. Upon doing so, he would gain full control over his victim's body as well as their consciousness. He would even inherit the memories of his victim. He would also take advantage of their physique, such as when he used Miki's athletic body to climb buildings and run from Akira Fudo.


Like the rest of his race, Ghelmer was a malicious demon who sought bloodshed and chaos. He made use of his possessed hosts, showing no regard for their wellbeing. He was cocky and arrogant, shown when he mocked Akira about hurting Miki during their fight.

Despite this, Ghelmer was also shown to be quite cowardly, as he attempted to escape from Akira while powerless, even promising that he would tell no one.


Ghelmer was first shown sneaking into Koji Nagasaki's car in his liquid state whilst the latter was leaving his editor's building after showing him live footage of Devilman which the editor believed to be fake.

While driving, Nagasaki called Miki Makimura and asked her to meet him at the studio for an undisclosed conversation. Immediately, Ghelmer flooded the car with himself and possessed Nagasaki. He then arrived at the studio where he awaited Miki's arrival with fellow demon Agwel, also disguised as a human.

That night during a rainstorm, Miki showed up to the studio on foot. Nagasaki allowed her inside where she went upstairs to have a bath and wash herself off, unaware that her photographer was possessed by a demon. Sniffing her panties she left in a basket, Ghelmer confirmed their victim.

He and Agwel then used a remote to render the bathroom wall transparent, giving them a clear view of her in the bathtub. Agwel took numerous pictures of her while Ghelmer went to the door and exited his host's body, rendering Nagasaki unconscious. In his liquid form, Ghelmer slid under the door and engulfed the entire room with water, possessing Miki in the process.

Within Miki's body, Ghelmer exited the bathroom and revealed to Agwel that Akira Fudo was indeed related to her family. The two then planned to lure in Akira using Miki and kill him. However, Akira unwittingly arrived anyway to make sure his friend was alright. Putting on a bathrobe, possessed Miki opened the door for him and allowed him inside. When questioned about Nagasaki, Miki stated that she kicked him out, as he "got the wrong idea". Bringing him upstairs, Miki asked Akira if he would also get the wrong idea. She then removed her bathrobe and embraced the disoriented Akira, telling him he could do whatever he wanted to. While Akira was kept distracted, Agwel snuck up behind him and transformed, preparing to kill him.

Suddenly, Agwel's head was blown off by an intervening Ryo, who was outside the studio with a sniper rifle. The young professor revealed that he had overheard their whole conversation through Nagasaki's phone, which, unknown to Ghelmer, was in his previous host's pocket.

Immediately, Ghelmer fled the scene in Miki's body, with Akira in hot pursuit. The aqua demon desperately climbed across multiple buildings in an attempt to escape. Arriving on a rooftop, he believed he had finally lost Akira, and turned around only to find the latter standing right behind him.

Akira restrained his possessed friend to the ground as she attempted to resist with several futile punches and kicks. Nonetheless, Ghelmer figured Akira had no chance of winning as he would end up hurting Miki. However, the devilman simply drank Ghelmer out of Miki through her mouth, rendering her unconscious. Now inside Akira, Ghelmer believed the boy had made a foolish decision, as he was now compromised for possession.

But Akira mockingly revealed this to be his intention, drastically increasing his body heat so as to evaporate Ghelmer. Panicking, the aquatic demon forced himself out of the boy, finally revealing his corporeal form. Akira commented on his scrawny stature.

The now powerless Ghelmer attempted to retreat, but was immediately grabbed by Akira. Terrified, the demon begged for forgiveness and claimed that he wouldn't tell anybody. But Akira denied ever making a deal with a devil like him before mercilessly tearing Ghelmer in half.


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