Ghelmer is a large demon that can control water. He was a member of Sirene's army and a minor charecter in Devilman vs Getter Robo.


Ghelmer is far sturdier in this version, now resembling more of a sea serpent. Most of his original attributes are still present with the addition of several black markings around his body, spikes on his back, and a long twisting tongue.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It presumably has the same powers as its original counterpart, EG water manipulation, and teleportation through mirrors.


Ghelmer unlike his origonal counterpart was seemingly quite stupid in this version, despite this he was still incredibly perverse and sadistic to the extreme.


He is one of the demons that attack the Saotome Research Labs. Here he finds Miki Makimura and Michiru Satome "experimenting" with each other in the bath. He then launches himself into the water and swallows the two girls; Akira hears them scream and he rushes in, finding them trapped in Ghelmer's body. Akira then uses his Devil Beam and saves Miki but Michiru still remains inside the water demon. Ghelmer then rushes to the roof, still carrying Michiru and contemplates on whether to rape, eat or drown her. Luckily, before he can decide, Akira appears behind Ghelmer and rips off his head.
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