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Ghelmer was a water demon from Devilman Grimoire. He possessed the adult human woman Senda Mari and served Sirene.


Ghelmer's primary appearance largely keeps in-line with the design of his previous manga incarnation: a long, hunched demon with a skeletal figure and ears resembling bat's wings. He is now legless, with his entire lower body being fused to the slug tail.

Upon leaving Miki's body, he becomes very small. Later on, when he fuses with Ebain, his face appears on the front of her lower body, which is all liquefied.

Powers and abilities[]

Ghelmer could manipulate water to his liking as well as fuse with it, meaning any physical attacks would not work on him.


Ghelmer, when using his human disguise of Senda Mari, likes to use her attractive features to let his opponent's guard down. He is also very vicious in battle, refusing to hold back and is even willing to fuse with an unwilling partner.