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Ghelmer was a powerful, sadistic water demon. He was one of the two secondary antagonists in Devilman: The Demon Bird.


Ghelmer was a large thin demon who possessed a dragon-like appearance as well as some praying mantis-like qualities. His body sported numerous spiked protrusions as well as long claws, glowing green eyes, antenna-like mandibles, and two barbed appendages atop his head. The entire lower half of his body was replaced by a large slug demon with whom he had fused. When dry, he had dark cream color scheme and when fused with water, his skin took on a pale blue hue. His blood was purple.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ghelmer could manipulate water as well as fuse with it, meaning any physical attacks would be useless against him. He could also teleport through mirrors. However when dry Ghelmer would have been little threat in combat.


Ghelmer was one of the two elemental demons summoned by the beautiful demoness Sirene (the other being Agwel) to cause havoc around the Makimura residence and if need be kill them. As Agwel goes after the parents and Tare, Ghelmer goes after Miki. At first he simply observes Miki through the mirror and waits for her to undress and pour a bath were he teleports into the water. He waits a while for her to get comfortable before he drags her under water and into his stomach.

Akira bursts into the room and fires a burning beam at Ghelmer's forehead causing him to shrink back and collapse. Akira takes Miki upstairs but is again attacked by Agwel, he attempts to fight the demon but is instead attacked by Miki who had swallowed some of Ghelmer's water. Akira hits her knocking her out and then kills Agwel, he takes Miki upstairs where the water comes out of her stomach and out the door in which Ghelmer then burst in through. He attacks, but Akira throws a blanket over his head confusing Ghelmer and allowing for Akira to sneak up and hit him with his heat rays which dries out the demon, rendering him powerless. Akira proceeds to beat Ghelmer before ripping out his stomach and snapping his neck.