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Ghostarm V10 is one of the Mechanical Beasts used by Dr. Hell in the conclusion of Mazinger Z vs Devilman.


Ghostarm was a tall Mechanical Beast with a dark brown and orange colour scheme. He had two large orange circles on his chest, he has two large horns either side of his head and two giant wreaking ball on chain in place of hands.

Powers and Abilites[]

Ghostarm was able to attack with the wreaking balls attached to his hands the chains could also coil round his opponents.


Ghostarm V10 was summoned by Dr. Hell as aprt of a small army of Mechanical Beasts that attack the Photon Power Labratory in the conclusion of the film. After theTouros D7 had failed to hit the Mazinger with its horn, Ghostarm wraps its chains around the Mazinger's arms, the Touros D7 comes back round for another run but the Mazinger jumps over the Beast as it ran and instead impaled Ghostarm V10 through the chest. The Mazinger then throws them of into the distance where they explode.


Like several other Beasts in the film Ghostarm was based on one from the origonal series, Ghostarm being based on Ghostfire D9.