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Go to Hell, You Mortals is the ninth episode of the Devilman Crybaby anime. It was directed by Masaaki Yuasa and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi and aired January 5th, 2018 with all ten episodes.


being Betrayed and exposed by Ryo’s TV broadcast, Akira becomes a great target. although Wamu and his gang draw their guns on him, but they soon relent and request that he should leave. however Wamu and a fellow gang member Gabi chooses to stay behind and to look after Miki with Miko. as the other two gang members Hie and Babo would betray them by leading an insane mob to the Makimura household. as The crazed mob, who believe that they are demons in disguises, would set Miki's house on fire as they would kill off Wamu and Gabi first. meanwhile Miko sacrifices herself to hold off the craze mob in her Devilman form while Miki would escape on foot, only for her to be caught and slashed in the back and then lacerated while dying off off-screen.

Meanwhile, while searching for Ryo, Akira finds himself protecting innocent people from being stoned by a mob who he convinces to stop before watching them be slaughtered by Koda and accompanying demons. Escaping Koda, Akira decides to return to the Makimura residence while realizing his feelings for Miki, only to find the mob parading around the burning house with his friends' dismembered bodies. Akira mentally breaks down as he sees Miki's head on a pike. Horrified and enraged of their gleeful savagery, as Akira slowly breaks down crying but later denounces the crazed mob while he proclaims they were the real demons before incinerating them all.



  • The final scene of this episode, where Miki is holding Akira’s chest, is based off the ending to Toei’s 1972 Devilman

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