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God ( Kami?) is a mysterious entity in the Devilman Crybaby series Presumably the deity worshipped by Abrahamic religions, He created the Universe and all its inhabitants, including angels, humans and demons. when Satan challenged God, he was banished to Earth, beginning the series of events that caused the entire plot, although it is unclear how much of a role God plays in the events of the series, along with His ultimate motivation.


God is the creator of the Universe and everything in it. At some point He created the Angels as servants. One of these angels, Satan would end up rebelling against God for unknown reasons and was banished to a prehistoric Earth as punishment.

When Satan became leader of the demons inhabiting Earth in attempt to resume his War against God, the deity countered by sending a legion of angels to wipe the demons off the face of the planet. The resulting war destroyed all life on Earth and reduced its surface to molten rock. Some of the debris scattered from the conflict would later form the Earth's moon.

Eventually, the Earth was repopulated with life again, presumably by God.


God's true form, if He even has one, is never seen, only a colossal ball of emitted light that attaches itself to the world.


As Satan describes God as "cold and icy", and merciless to those who oppose Him, regarding Him as little more than a petty tyrant that does not care about His creations. However, Satan admits in the final episode that God's attack only targeted the demons, suggesting God holds some affinity for the human race. It is thus unclear if God is actually evil, since Satan is the only source of information about Him and is clearly biased against Him.


God only directly intervenes in episode 7, when He unleashes a massive attack against the demon controlled portion of the US military that wishes to start a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia. This attack forms a massive sphere of light that instantly kills the demons and humans at it's epicenter by turning them into pillars of salt. The ball of light is seen yet again at the beginning of episode 8, where it is mentioned it has expanded to encompass a radius of 10,000 km with no adverse effects mentioned outside of the epicenter. It is not seen again afterwards.

After the final conclusion of the Human-Demon War results in the destruction of all life on Earth, God once again sends the Angels to destroy Satan, who this time does not resist. after the post-credit scene of Episode 10 shows that the Earth has been destroyed once again, and is repopulated after, this time with a second moon formed from the debris of the second struggle between the demons and the forces of Heaven.