God is the primary antagonist of the manga series Demon Lord Dante. He was an ancient cosmic entity who came to Earth and attempted to eradicate the intelligent life forms of the time. However in the process, he accidentally creates the Demon race.


The form God chose to show himself resembled a great burning sphere with a distorted smiling face and small beady eyes. 

One of the bizarre powers exhibited by God was his ability to split into various angelic creatures; each humanoid with animal-like features including a horse, dog, bird etc.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

God's powers were never fully shown however he is seen to able to split his body into gigantic guardians each with strange powers. He was also able to leave traces of his being in every human present on the planet.


God was a genocidal creature who was more than happy to wipe out intelligent life for his own personal needs.


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  • God's design is reminiscent of the Emperor of Darkness of Great Mazinger fame.
  • God is used in a similar way to the later version of the character in Devilman; an ancient creature of unknown origin who inadvertently creates and then tries to destroy the demon race.


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