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The Gods were a species of powerful psychic aliens that came to Earth under form of a single entity simply known as God during the Cretaceous era. They serve as the main antagonists in the manga New Demon Lord Dante.


The initial form of the Gods were loosely formed titanic figures built of pure flame, many having forms similar to that of a animal such as a horse or a snake. After fusing with some of Earth's creatures however, their design became more focused, many resembling man and beast hybrids, adorned in precious jewels and clothing.


Seemingly their abilities varied form to form, though the Gods all possessed powerful psychic abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis, and were able to cast new forms at ease, at one point three of them formed together to create a gigantic foe. It was stated however, that if a God were to exert to much energy they would eventually burn out and fade away.


Under the single minded body of God, the individual Gods came to Earth and demanded that its residents surrender their bodies to them to serve as hosts. When defied, God unleashes powerful bursts of energy, killing millions and destroying the city of Soddom. Afterwards the Gods disperse from their conglomerate body and go on a rampage, continuing the destruction. 

A group of soldiers and scientists led by Dante Luther mark out an attack against the Gods in their vehicular psychic weapons. During the attack, Dante and the others are engulfed in the Gods flames and they find themselves fused with their machines and transforming into powerful beings that would become known as Demons. The demons quickly grow in number, but are ultimately defeated by the Gods and go into hiding after their leader, Dante, is slain by the alien titan Eve

Years later in the era of modern man, Dante's soul is reincarnated as Ryo Utsugi, the son of Archangel Uriel, who ranked among the highest in command of the Gods. Eventually, Utsugi and Dante are rejoined into a single entity and the battle against the Gods is once more renewed, this time Dante and his army succeeding against their holy might. Eventually, the remaining Gods see regret in all their past actions and collectively decide to leave Earth in search of a new home, leaving Earth to the newly dominant demon race.