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Brain-Wave Demon Gondoroma was a fiend who could control the minds of animals. He was antagonist in the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


Gondoroma is far more reptilian than his TV counterpart having scales covering most of his body. He had three eyes and a pair of antenna on the side of his bulbous head. He had black pads on his shoulders and thick lips and sharp teeth. His legs were covered in fine hairs.


Gondoroma could control animals with his mini-clones and could walk through walls, he also had the ability to teleport and had various hypnotic abilities.


Gondoroma was a proud demon, and a highly intelligent one at that, though Devilman considered him to be pretentious.


Demon king Zennon summoned Gondoroma from his home in the ocean after all his other attempts to defeat Akira Fudo had failed. Instead of killing him however, Zennon wanted Gondoroma to resurrect Devilman from the depths of Akira's soul.

Gondoroma travelled to Japan and made his first action to infect a swarm of birds with his mini-clones and have them attack the citizens of Tokyo. Afterwards he travelled to the Makimura home and infected a mouse brought home by Kensaku Makimura, controlling the rodent he tried to have it kill the child, though Akira hear's the screams and rushes in and kills the mouse. He senses Gondoroma's presence and chases the demon but looses him after a brief encounter.

In the morning Gondoroma infects a pack of wild dogs and sends them out into the streets where they massacre the innocent civilians. Akira challenges Gondoroma and quickly dispatches the dogs as Devilman. The demon tries to use his hypnosis to control Akira, but he merely laughs off the mental attack and beats Gondoroma down. Then using Devil Typhoon he tears the demon in three before decapitating him.