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Gorloth was a member of Magistrum's Court, seen briefly in the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Gorloth was a large fat demon covered head to toe in leaves, he had a gaping maw as a mouth and slightly comical eyes.


Gorloth was a member of Magistrum's demonic court, and took part in the conspiracy to kidnap and try Jeanne D'Arc for trying to bring an end to the 100 year war.

Gorloth was seen again briefly, after Akira Fudo had arrived at the court and challenged the demons. He fled from the violent chaos as Akira slaughtered most of his confederates.


  • Like several other demons in Magistrum's court house, Gorloth was based on a demon from the original manga. In his case Gorloth seems to be based on Ryibyi.