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Great Britain aka Cyborg 007 is a member of the 00 No. Cyborgs. He was a former actor turned war machine by the villainous Black Ghost, their former masters. He served as a supporting character in the crossover manga 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman: BREAKDOWN'.


G.B. has a bald head and pleasant face. He wears a red double breasted men's military uniform with a high collar, gold buttons, a yellow scarf and black boots with a gun holster around the waist that holds his Super Gun.


007 was designed by Black Ghost to be the ultimate infiltrator and stealth operative, able to disguise himself as any person, animal or object. This required using complex cybernetics that alters his body on a cellular level and converts the cells into any material or biological structure. His acting skills also allow him to blend him as the person he impersonates, although he is not always successful.

  • Shapeshifting: G.B. can transform into any person, animal or object. Using his acting skills, he can quickly pick up on the speech patterns and mannerisms of a person and mimic them for infiltration. He can also turn into animals such as a mouse or into objects such as blending into a wall or turning into a statue. This and all his other powers are activated by pressing a switch on his bellybutton.
  • Elasticity: G.B. can use his power to stretch his limbs to bind enemies or scale high terrain or grab something that is hard to reach.
  • Size Manipulation: G.B. can expand or shrink his body, able to become as small as a mouse or grow to the size of a giant using his shape shifting.
  • Camouflage and Matter alteration: G.B. can change the atomic structure of his body, able to become any form of matter such as stone, metal or change his dimensions to hide in objects or convert to its base materials to blend in.
  • Acting: G.B.'s status as a theater actor was once greatly known and after becoming a cyborg, often used his skills in tandem with his shape-shifting to act as somebody else. However, these acts are not flawless and can sometimes backfire if G.B. does not play the role properly.


G.B. is a jolly, loyal, and good natured soul, always making jokes and trying to add levity to otherwise depressing situations. His need to make humor in such times stems from his own sadness and regrets over his mistakes in life, wanting to enjoy life now as a hero and not have his team be in the same state of depression he faced.

While he is a recovering alcoholic, he does struggle with his inner demons and sometimes relapses into drinking every so often. As an actor, he also waxes philosophically and quotes classic literary works to fit certain situations.