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The Greater East Asian Students were the first adversaries of Jun Fudo in the manga 'Devilman Lady'.  They were members of a karate school with a very bad reputation, who happened to be staying in the cabin adjacent to Fudo and her tennis class on the night her powers came in.


The Students all looked to be in their late 30's to 40's, all tall with an intimidating physique. In the Devil Beast form they all doubled in size, and grew to resemble large werewolf-like creatures with bones jutting out of their body.


Even before their transformation, they were strong due to their karate training. In their Devil Beast forms they were even stronger, with large teeth and claws added into the mix.


The Students were staying in the cabin on the mountains next door to Jun's Tennis club, where they spent most of the day time in training. Later in the night the girls set up a campfire and are approached by the students asking if they wanted to have sex, though their vulgar attitudes are chased away by Jun's very verbal rejection. They turn to leave only to be attacked by a swarm of very large and very rabid bats, during the attack the students beast forms start to kick in and they devour the bats, meanwhile Jun ushers the girls inside towards the safety of the cabin. 

Shortly after the students burst into the shack,having fully transformed into rabid, lycan-like monsters. They kill and devour all of the boys and start to gather the girls into the main hall in order to rape them. A horned Beast gets the better of Jun, but during the assault she transforms into Devilman Lady for the first time and slaughters the horned Devil Beast with ease, before moving onto the other transformed students.