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Groff was a minor frog-like demon seen briefly in the Devilman manga, seen twice towards the start.


Groff was a small frog-like demon, with long elongated limbs, and arms that arched over. He had webbed feet and hands. Beneath his large mouth, was a large set of eyes and large nostrils above the mouth. He had stubby short teeth, and lumpy skin across his body.


Groff is very briefly seen by the young human Akira Fudo, when he sees savage visions, spurred on by the Demon Mask his friend Ryo Asuka had urged him to put on.

He was among a large group of demons that also included OnkazarKobikUrigaros and Eztumn, who were in the process of attacking another group of demons that included KadalophOcunnup and several others.

Shortly after, Groff appeared briefly for a second time, this time seen in a large group shot of many of the demons that had been seen across the prior pages, as Ryo explained the ancient origins of the demon race to Akira.