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Gusuko was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga. A member of the Ostrich Gang that gets herself caught due to her own clumsiness. 


Gusuko is a tall and very ugly girl, much like her friends. She wears a normal schoolgirls outfit. She had lopped eyes and her hair tied in a bun with a bow. She had a significant overbite, which only added to her goofy look.


Gusuko is portrayed as being fairly dim-witted and nasty. Wanting to be friends with Mico, only hoping to exploit her talented theiveing skills.


Gusuko was part of a small trio of bullying schoolgirl delinquents called theOstrich Gang. Late one night she is seen alongside her two friends lurking the streets outside nearby the home of their classmate and former associate Mico. They try, in vain, to persuade Mico to come back to help them steal, however the girl angrily refuses and flees much to their anger. Later that night when the three attempt a robbery, they are seen and reported, leading to Gusuko's arrest.


  • Gusuko, like her classmates, appears in a chapter of 'The Abashiri Family' where they are again a bullying gang. She ends up dying at the hands of Naojiro Abashiri, getting squashed in a single slap of his hands.