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Gusuko was a minor character from Devilman Grimoire, she was best friends with Michiko Kawamoto and when she went missing, Gusuko dies in an attempt to find her.


Gusuko was a tall girl and was far better looking than her original counterpart, she had her hair tied back in a ponytail and a somewhat impressive bust.


After Michiko Kawamoto went missing Gusuko and her friends go around their school asking people if they had seen or heard from her, eventually they come to Miki and Akira, Miki tells them that she would be able to help them find Michiko and to meet them later that night.

However when they arrive she is annoyed to see that Miki was intending to summon demons thinking it a joke, however Miki convinces her to try and so she does, however nothing happens until a group of cloaked figures approach them asking if they had seen a missing girl, when they say they hadn't, Gusuko angrily approaches them demanding to know what they knew about Michiko however the moment she breaks away from the others she is suddenly sliced through by one of the figures who reveals itself to be the demon Massack and Gusuko's body slides clean open.