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Harnisch was an elderly Jewish man who worked as the manager for the young artist Adolf. He was the first chapter of the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Harnisch was a well built and tall man he had neck length white hair and a small beard. He wore predominantly black clothing.


Harnisch was a greedy man with a love for money and other riches, having no problem in selling someone unfinished work passing it off as complete.


Harnisch was seen by Akira and Ryo Asuka walking away from a cafe, after the two landed in early 1900's Germany via the Timeslip. Ryo explaing that he had a demons scent about him and suggested the follow him. They tail him to an art studio, whereupon they are noticed. Thinking Ryo and Akira were after a painting he gives them a tour and introduces his chief artist Adolf.

After they leave, he and Adolf go to the home of Baron Schultz a wealthy Jewish banker after a recently finished painting of the girl Adolf loved, Stephanie. After selling the painting the two leave and Harnisch laughs about getting more money than originally promised. Shocked upon hearing this, Adolf grabs the excess money and goes to return it, only to see the girl he loved being assaulted by Schultz, who was in fact the fire demon Ardnas in a fit of jealous rage. Ardnas transforms and accidentally kills Stephanie as he does so, he in turn is slain shortly after by Akira, who had been observing the situation. After killing the demon, both Akira and Ryo fall back into the Timeslip, leaving Adolf alone to process what he had experienced. Harnisch comes to find Adolf, only for Adolf to rebuff him and quit, saying he hated his race and would do what he could to see them exterminated, shocked at his young star's vitriol he calls out to him, only for his words to fall on deaf ears. Years later Adolf would attempt to make true on his promise, becoming head of the Nazi party and leading the world into the Second World War.