Harnisch was an elderly Jewish man seen in Shin Devilman.


Harnisch was a well built and tall man he had neck length white hair and a small beard. He wore predominantly black clothing.


Harnisch was a greedy man with a love for money and other riches and had no problem in selling someone unfinished work passing it off as complete. He was essentially a stereotype of a crooked Jewish man that Adolf Hitler used to describe all Jewish people.


Harnisch was seen by Akira and Ryo Asuka walking away from a cafe, Ryo says he had a demons scent about him and suggested the follow him. He ends up in an art gallery, thinking Ryo and Akira were after a painting he gives them a tour and introduces his chief artist Adolf. After they leave, he and Adolf go to the home of Schultz a wealthy Jewish banker with a painting of the girl Adolf loved. After giving him the painting the two leave and Harnisch laughs about getting more money than originally promised. Hearing this Adolf grabs the excess money and goes to return it, only to see the girl he loved being murdered by Schultz.   After this Harnisch comes to find Adolf, only for Adolf to quit saying he hated his race and would do what he could to see them exterminated, years later the man became the leader of the Nazi party.

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