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Hazat was a minor insect like demon from the original Devilman manga, appearing during the underground Black Sabbath sequence.


Hazat was a seemingly humanoid demon with insect-like qualities. He had a large manic permanent smile, pointed ears and a pair of long antenna. He had a crest across his face also. His back was hunched in stature and he had long clawed fingers.


Hazat was among the many demons who came together at the underground Black Sabbath party held in Ryo Asuka's basement. He is first seen in the shade, having just formed alongside the demons Lameon, Btess, the Unnamed Compound Eyed Demon, Trijask and Gair. Shortly after he looks on in shock after who he belived to be the demon hero Amon stand over the corpse of the demoness Welvath and announce themselves as the human Akira Fudo. During the following carnage, Hazat quite literally looses his head after getting decapitated by Fudo.