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Hegaritar was a minor demon seen among the masses seen in flashbacks, when Akira Fudo donned the mysterious Demon Mask. He was a minor character from the original 'Devilman' manga.


Hegaritar had a large hunched over body covered in an armor-like shell. His shoulders were spiked and he had a large crest on his head, forming into a large frontal horn. He had large triangle shaped black eyes.


Hegaritar is among the many demons seen byAkira Fudo after he wore the Demon Mask. He is seen standing among a large group of demons including Ijuk, Rogot, Arubirou, Mosque, Oobaru, Ninote, Ledak, Sidos, Kizak, Zoumue, Jilot, Dunkan, the Unnamed Tadpole Demon, the Unnamed Crazy-Eyed Demon and the Unnamed Fuzzball Demon. Hegaritar could be seen standing near the left.