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Helena is a villainess from Shotaro Ishinomori's Cyborg 009 and one of the Mythos Cyborgs based on Helen of Troy. She plays a minor role in the prologue to the first episode of Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman. She is voiced by Pretty Cure series voice actress Yoko Honna in the original and by Purella Magi Madoka voice actress Christine Marie Cabanos in the English dub.


In the past, Helena and her younger brother Apollo were once normal humans before they were exploited by Black Ghost for their "intentional mutant" capability and transformed into two of the subjects for the Mythos Cyborgs team.

At some point, the 00 cyborgs would be called to the island of Magma to fight against her and the others, and the OVA opens with her and Apollo being the only two enemies left.


Helena is a skinny woman with large dark teal eyes, and blonde hair spiked upwards in a symmetrical shape. She wears white Grecian robes covering most of her body, and various pieces of golden jewellery. She also notably wears a blue jewelled tiara.


Unlike her manga counterpart, which uses a mechanical Trojan horse to fight in, we do not see any abilities or vehicles used by this version of the character.

However, the light novel does explain her and Apollo as being "intentional mutants", setting up foreshadowing for the nature of some of the High-Teen Number Cyborgs.


Compared to Apollo, Helena is gentle and sympathetic towards 009, and despairs of seeing the two fight. This is what ultimately leads to her attempting to protect 009 at whatever cost.


Helena watched her brother Apollo engage in battle with 009 and when it looked like Apollo would finish 009 off after a lengthy battle, Helena caught him off guard and threw herself into Apollo moments before he unleashed a powerful attack on Joe. Helena begs him to stop his attack and he does, only for the ground underneath them to give way into a volcanic crater, roasting them alive, much to the despair of Joe.


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