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Hellgate was a large and supposedly sentient demonic structure located in a timeslip, it was used by demons to judge people they deemed unacceptable, among them being Jeanne D'Arc.


The Hellgate was a colossal mass of demons with the vague resemblance of a building. What was seemingly the main head, hung over the entrance, resembling a fierce skull with flayed skin and protruding spikes, other attached bodies included a horse-like demon, a serpent and various atypical devils.


The Hellgate was located in this mysterious Timeslip and was used by Magistrum and his many men, as a courthouse to condemn humans they considered unjust. Among the humans put on trial was Jeanne D'Arc, who was plucked out of her own timeline and put to judgement by Magistrum and the demons.

Jeanne was subject to much humiliation and mockery during the trial, and in its conclusion, Magistrum orders her to be stripped nude, it's at this point however when Akira Fudo arrives and challenges the court to combat. While some flee, many of the demons attack and are quickly slaughtered, and with the carnage the Hellgate begins to crumble, finally falling with the death of Magistrum, who is beheaded by Akira.