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Henge was a scout for the Demon Tribe, he is the main antagonist of the first episode of Devilman.


Henge's true form resembled a gigantic yellow snake, he had arms with snake heads for arms and large white eyes, however he was bale to turn into any form he wanted.

Powers and Abilites[]

Henge was an incredibly powerfull demon, seemingly weakest in his true form being able to change his appearence, form and powers to aid the situation.


Henge was a proud member of the demon race who hated humanity.



After no action or word from Devilman had returned to the tribe, Zennon grew impatient and sent out Henge to find out why. He traps Devilman in a tunnel and tries to find out why, but is told to back off before having mud spewn in his face by Devilman. 

Later not knowing that Henge had tailed him, Henge sees him and the girl Miki talking together, angered at his betrayal Henge begins causeing trouble in the house, before he posseses the form of an elephant statue which goes on a rampage and grabs Miki, Devilman rescues her as Henge flies up into the sky, Devilman follows and quickly beats him sending him flying into the water. He goes down in search of a body but is suddenly constricted by Henge's snake like arms and is slowly suffocated, however he uses the Devilbeam, electrocuting Henge, killing him for good.


  • Henge's flying form before he reveals himself greatly resembles the demon Linghorne from the manga Demon Lord Dante which the series has many elements of.