Hie is a character in Devilman Crybaby. He is the beatboxer for a group of rappers alongside Wamu, Gabi, Babo, and Kukun.


Hie is short and has pinkish skin. His hair is in dreadlocks and covers his eyes, and he usually wears overalls and a hoodie. He keeps his hands in his pockets most of the time.


Hie is quiet and rarely speaks a word. He is quite good at maintaining his stoic demeanour, barely reacting when held at gunpoint. He liked to rap with his friends, and provided flowing beats for Wamu and Gabi to play off from. Hie very much cared for his friends, pointing a gun at Miko believing she killed Kukun. He is however willing to turn on some of those friends if Hie believes they had abandoned him as he and Babo turned against Wamu. 


He is shown in scenes throughout the first half of the series, beatboxing while his friends rap. Throughout these scenes he does not speak.

Sometime after Kukun goes to Sabbath with Miki Kuroda, the group of rappers lose contact with Kukun. They spot someone they believe is him at a clothing store, but he falsely accuses them of robbery and they are held at gunpoint by police. Hie refuses to remove his hands from his pockets. The police believe he is holding a gun, when it is actually a recorder. The group is let go when Miki Makimura steps in.

As society crumbles due to the onslaught of demons, Hie and the group stay at the Makimura household. When Akira Fudo and Miko return after the death of Miki's family, Miko drops her bag on the ground and Kukun's shades fall out. Hie notices this immediately, but nobody else does.

When Ryo Asuka publicly reveals Akira's status as a Devilman to the public, Hie is quick to pull out a pistol and fire at the wall behind Akira as a threat. While Akira pleads that he still has a human heart, he shifts his gun to point at Miko instead.

Eventually, Hie and Babo betray their friends, as Hie is coerced into helping the mob brutally murder Wamu and Gabi. Hie goes with several other rioters and hunts down Miko and Miki, the former is shot and crippled as Miki is told to run. Hie and the other gunmen emerge from their vehicle, and he points a gun at the injured Devilman, a shot is then fired offscreen.

Afterwards he is shown waving around the desecrated remains of his former friends, as well as the bodies of Miki and Akiko, impaled on sticks in a stupor of madness in front of the burning Makimura household. When Akira arrives, he incinerates Hie and the other murderers in his devastation and rage.

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