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Hikaru Fudo is the son of Maria and Masato Fudo and the brother of Jun Fudo; he is a supporting character in the manga 'Devilman Lady' series.


Hikaru is a boy in his mid teens; he can been slowly maturing as the manga series goes on. as He had a thin body figure and had dark spiky hair.


Hikaru was a friendly and open boy. At the very start of the manga it is hinted that he may have had a attraction to his older sister, however this is soon dropped. When he was younger he was apparently prone to being easily frightened and wet himself an embarrassingly large number of times. He is shown to be very mature for his age, to the extent it even shocked Jun.


Hikaru is first seen waking up his sister after she had overslept for a meeting at her school. Later after she had been attacked by the Devil Beasts and become the Devilman Lady, Hikaru tries to comfort Jun saying that what she did was incredible and that she saved as many as she possibly could, leaving Jun feeling guilty about not telling him the truth of what really happened.


  • Towards the end of the manga it strongly suggests that Hikaru is in fact a reincarnation of Kensaku "Tare" Makimura from the original Devilman manga series, it also leaves the idea open that all the humans were based on those from the previous world as seen in Devilman.