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Hiroko Yashiro was a minor character from the first two chapters of Devilman Lady.


She was a young Japanese schoolgirl in her late teens. She had long light brown coloured hair.


Hiroko was a friendly girl and was friends with all those on her team, and was greatly affected when she heard that some of them had died.


Hiroko was a student that served on the schools tennis team. She took the bus alongside the other students led by Jun Fudo during a trip the mountains were they set up home in a large wooden kondo. During a barbecue with the others, Hiroko notices a group of karate students next door, Jun informs them to stay away from the group as they were bad news, identifying them as students of the Greater East Asian school. Later when the boys had fallen asleep Jun, Hiroko and the other girls build a campfire at chat to one another about their teachers mysterious past. Shortly after the Karate students approach them and begin speaking crassly to the girls, Jun confronts them and tells them to leave. They agree to do so but suddenly both groups are attacked by a massive swarm of bats, the girls flee back inside however the karate students transform into Devil Beasts and break into the house. They kill all the boys and start to rape the girls, one of them being accidentally killed in the process. However Jun transforms into the titular Devilman Lady and goes on a rampage, killing the Devilbeasts.

After falling into a coma from the trauma, she awakens in hospital and is greeted by her parents and Jun, however having witnessed Jun's previous rampage she outright calls her a demon. Her parents calm her down by saying that she had fainted during a fire at the mountain house and that she was one of the four survivors rescued from the flames by Jun, she apologises to her teacher and thanks her.