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Hirsch (ハーシュ Hāshu?) was a canine like demon that fused with the human boy Iwao Himura in the manga series of Devilman Grimoire.


Hirsch had a most green and purple colour scheme, most of his body was covered in fur leaving only his arms and shoulders covered in armour. He had a dog like head with sharp fangs, blank pupiless eyes with markings underneath, his head formed into a crest and had two long antenna at the top. He had a large pair of eyes on his chest and a long tail.


Hirsch was able to fire powerful rays from the eyes on his chest. He possessed a great amount of strength and durability and had long sharp claws he could fight in close combat with.


At an unknown point in time, the demon Hirsch attempted to take over the human known as Iwao Himura, however Himura proved to be pure of heart and as the two fused, he became the dominant one and became a Devilman.


  • Despite being named Hirsch, he is designed directly from the demon Zennon in Demon Lord Dante, Zennon however was the inspiration for Zannin but had a more detailed design.