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Hitomi Konno (紺野 ひとみ Konno Hitomi) is a 19 year old model who looked up to Jun Fudo but was also jealous of her. She served as the monster-of-the-week in episode 6 as the cat-like Devil Beast Fayrace.


Hitomi is a young woman with long wavy brown hair that hangs on the right side, brown eyes, tall compared to other women her age, and a voluptuous figure.

As Fayrace, her body is covered in red fur of varying shades; her face features a long muzzle, yellow eyes, a pair of fake yellow eyes, and razor sharp teeth. Fayrace also features digitigrade legs and three tails extending above her posterior.


Hitomi had always admired Jun, to the point of stalking her by applying for all of the same jobs. On the surface, she was competitive and always strove to surpass Jun but in a friendly way to the point of being social with Jun. Hitomi's admiration grew into an obsessive crush as shown when she grew jealous of Kazumi and even had a photo book full of pictures of Jun. However, Hitomi was also stressed that she could never catch up to Jun in her career but wanted her none-the-less. Hitomi's lustful drive was so great that she drugged, bound, and undressed Jun ready to violate her. Hitomi also had a fondness for cats.

Fayrace built from the stress build up gained a killer persona willing to kill anyone in sight including Jun.


Hitomi met Jun and invited Jun to her home after catching up. Hitomi obsessed over Jun before she arrived while noting the appearance of Kazumi. Convinced she could have Jun to herself, Hitomi gave Jun a drink as she arrived. But the drink was laced with sleeping pills making Jun pass out. Stripping off Jun's clothes, Hitomi tied Jun to her bed. As Jun woke up and spoke to her while trying to reconcile, Hitomi finally changed into Fayrace. With Fayrace filled with bloodlust, Jun was forced to become Lady and kill Fayrace.


Hitomi had a body well suited for modeling but due to always competing with Jun, she always came up empty handed. As Fayrace, she had razor sharp claws and three tails that could be used as whips.


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  • Hitomi's surname Konno means "navy blue" (紺) (kon) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


  • Hitomi's given name and appearance is based on the actress Hitomi Miwa.
  • She’s the only character with a birthday, which is said to be on April 17.

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