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The Horse God was among the many alien invaders seen in New Demon Lord Dante, wherein he serves as a minor reccuring antagonist.


The titan had a massive flaming body, well muscled and toned. He had long claws and his head resembled that of a horse, with blank pupils.


The Horse God had long claws and could emit intense flames from its body. Towards his final appearence he could be seen weilding a polearm-like weapon in combat.


The Horse God was among the many that came down to Earth as a part of the alien conglomerate known simply as God. After God split apart, the creatures that built its body began to form, among them was the Horse God, who could be seen rampaging through the city of Soddom alongside a three-headed God.


  • The Horse God's design comes from one of the more prominent forms that God took in the origonal Demon Lord Dante manga.