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I Must Know Myself is the eight episode of Devilman Crybaby. It was directed by Masaaki Yuasa and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi.


Needing answers to his own actions and motives, Ryo returns to the Amazon rainforest again to uncover more about himself and the true nature of his past before his guardian reveals her true nature as a demon to awaken his true self. Back in Japan, Miki's father Noel searches for his missing wife and son, coming across extremely troubled and paranoid people and a police force who come close to killing him within the city. Eventually pinging Taro's ringtone location thanks to the help of Akira via Ryo, Noel finds the demonically possessed Taro eating his mother's corpse. While intending to kill his own son, Noel ultimately relents and attempts to protect Taro from the military before they were gunned down. as Akira quickly finds the family and carries them off to bury on a hill outside of the city before being overpowered in an ambush by a demon general by the name of Zennon. Akira is saved by the intervention of the demoness Psycho Jenny. As Miko gets him to safety, as Jenny exposes Koda from his hiding place as he aligns himself with the demons.

meanwhile as Akira and Miko soon return to Miki's house to inform her of the bad news of her family's deaths, with Akira empathic to Miki's sadness. Later, as Ryo calls on an emergency broadcast across the world to inform everyone on the origin of the demons and how they were created. As Akira watches, as Ryo would address to the world that demons are formed as a result of someone who is dissatisfied with society, and that anyone acting even slightly different could be a possible be a demon. He then shows fake but incriminating footage of Akira transforming into his Devilman form to the world, with Akira being horrified by Ryo's sudden betrayal and would lie to humanity.


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