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Ijuk is a minor slug-like demon from the original Devilman manga, appearing briefly towards the start.


Ijuk resembles quite simply an oversized and grotesque slug, dripping in slime. He has two eyes on long sticks with tiny pupils. On his side seems to be a few half-formed fingers poking through his ooze.


Ijuk is seen only briefly after Akira Fudo dons the mysterious Demon Mask, at the request of his best friend Ryo Asuka, and is bombarded by horrific and cruel visions of demons going amongst their bloody activities in the Cretaceous era of Earth.

Among the many demons seen was Ijuk, who could be seen standing among a large group of demons including ArubirouOobaruMosqueHegaritarNinoteRogotLedakKizakZoumueSidos, Dunkan, Jilot, the Unnamed Tadpole Demon, the Unnamed Crazy-Eyed Demon and the Unnamed Fuzzball Demon.

Shortly after, Ijuk makes a second appearance, now among another crowd now consisting of many of the demons seen over the prior pages, as Ryo Asuka explained the origins of the demon race to Akira.