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Illigole is a minor demon from the Devilman manga, appearing briefly towards the start.


Illigole was vaguely centaur-like, albeit a reptilian one. A long set of spike run down the back of his scaled body. His true face is the bearded maw down below, with a goofy looking lizards head on the upper torso. Two long pincer like arms attach to the arm sockets. He had a short tail that looked as if it were made of bone.


Illigole's long pincer like arms were sharp enough to pierce through skin and bone.


Illigole is among the many demons seen by Akira Fudo after he had donned the mysterious Demon Mask, at the behest of his best friend Ryo Asuka.

Illogle is seen in hunt, chasing down and piercing a female alligator-like demoness named Caskalika, his arms going through her torso, killing her. Nearby a snake-like demon fights the aerial demon Bassom.

He appears a second time a little later on, this time among a large crowd of demons, as Ryo Asuka explained the origins of the demon race to Akira.


  • In the original manga we only ever see Illigole's upper lizard torso with the claws as he kills Caskalika, it wasn't till nearly twenty years later that we saw their full body, drawn by Toshio Maeda.